Termites can cause serious damage to structures. The first step to avoiding damage from termites is contacting us for a professional termite inspection.
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Subterranean termite

Subterranean termite treatment is a soil treatment that provides an extremely effective and long-lasting solution for the extermination of termites that come up from the ground. Subterranean termites live underground and their colony consists of about two million members. They build tunnels or mud tubes which they use to access food sources that are above-ground. They then use their scissor-like jaws to eat wood 24 hours a day. Subterranean termites swarm in the spring when groups of reproductive termites go off to start new colonies.

Drywood Termite

Effectively treating dry-wood termites takes special care and knowledge. We offer multiple options for the control and prevention of these termites depending on circumstances. Drywood termites prefer to eat wood as their main source of nutrition. They have the ability to break down wood particles and absorb the wood. Workers will distribute their food by providing the king and queen with enough food, then their alates, solders, and their youngs. When a colony has matured, they create winged alates or swarmers that can be seen around windows and doors. Winged termites are highly attracted to sources of light. They may even get inside a house and fly over the nearest light that they can find. After mating, these termites locate a new breeding site and create colonies, spreading infestations throughout different locations.

Spot Treatment

The Spot Treatment method consists of drilling small holes into the wood and then injecting a termiticide. The Spot Treatment pesticides are eco-friendly. The pesticides that are used in this method leave an odorless residual. Local spot treatments are guaranteed to provide results. This method of termite control is designed to target local areas of infestation.

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